A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

My Godot Wild Jam 18 entry (theme is "Plague") is a kind of crossover between Bard's Tale and Wolfenstein 3D.

It's one level, with a final boss that you need to find and kill.
You collect antipoison in the houses, that you can shoot at the poison clouds, but also at the final boss. The penitents around the city can heal you. And that's about it.

FPS controls, E to enter houses and drink from the Well, Left Clic to shoot antipoison.


long_red_night_linux.0.3.zip 163 MB
long_red_night_win.0.3.1.zip 162 MB


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It looks cool.

But is it normal that piles of bones disappear in the wall?

It's a bug, i haven't had time to fix that yet.

I afford me notice that setting off the "Transparent" by the wall can help (or not, who knows).

thanks! i'll try.